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Let us see what American parents say about ROYALBABY children’s bicycles: “Durable and fast to install”, “Auxiliary wheels are the strongest I have ever seen”, “High-quality metallic paint”, and “widening” Children ride with tires more stable”, “brake grip is labor-saving and sensitive”, “baby loves the bright colors and cool appearance of the car” … Then, why does ROYALBABY children’s bicycle become the United States? What about the new favorite of parents?

Unusual path: insist on creating a brand, independent research and development

The lack of independent innovation is the biggest reason for the further development of “Made in China”. Recognizing the importance of innovation to brands, when other Chinese manufacturers were queuing up for international brands, ROYALBABY, established in 2009, chose a development path of brand creation and independent research and development. For many years, ROYALBABY has always regarded product innovation as its core value, and invested a lot of research and development expenses every year. At present, ROYALBABY has dozens of national patents and continues to add more than 10 patents every year! With exclusive R&D patents in hand, there will be market competitiveness!

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Quality first: global quality certification, safer

“To make the best children’s bicycle”, ROYALBABY has always insisted on product quality first, and obtained high-end qualifications such as the International Toy Industry Association (ICTI) certification and global PICC product quality underwriting. The ROYALBABY children’s bicycles sold in China and all over the world are manufactured according to uniform standards. The materials and structures are made to be safer and more suitable for children’s ergonomics, so that every parent can rest assured!

Exquisite design, stylish appearance

Fashionable appearance is the unremitting pursuit of ROYALBABY designers, drawing on the latest popular styles from Europe and the United States, and fully considering the characteristics of children’s ergonomics from the source. The original design of “parts level” makes every Ubay car a classic. , Loved by children and parents, once purchased, it will become a star stroller in the community!


We Design Best Kids Bike

“When I was teaching my children how to bike, I found most kid’s bikes bought for our children were far from friendly to these little riders, some of them even have safety issues. That is why we always believe ROYALBABY has great potentials to make kid’s bikes safer and easier to ride since I started the business in 2009. We are proud that with more than 10 years of efforts in building better products, millions of children from more than 80 countries are enjoying their outdoor times with ROYALBABY products every year.” — Tony, Founder & CEO, ROYALBABY

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